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7th Edition, Bottles: Identification and Price Guide

Bottles Identification and Prices 7th Edition

Referred to as “The Bottle Bible”, Michael Polak’s 7th Edition, Bottles: Identification and Price Guide, published by Krause Publications/Antique Trader, has been completely revised and updated presenting 555 pages of a comprehensive, informative, and detailed Pricing and Reference guide for all Bottle collectors. The 7th Edition continues to provide the collector with the essentials of the hobby such as “Bottles: History and Origin”, “Bottle Facts”, “Bottle Sources”, “Bottle Handling”, “Tips for the Beginning Collector”, and an extensive chapter of “Digging for Bottles”. There are 54 Chapters of every type of bottle including Soda, Milk, Cobalt Blue Medicinge Bottles, Bitters, Medicines, Fruit Jars, Flasks, Whiskey, Miniatures, Applied Painted Label Sodas, Violin and Banjo Bottles, Jim Beam, Avon, and much more.

Four New Chapters:
Hawaiian Bottles
Black Glass
The Central Nevada Museum – Tonopah, Nevada
Top Ten Bottle Collecting Destinations

Revised and Updated Sections
Updated Detailed Pricing for both Old and New Bottle Sections
Trademark identification
Bottle Clubs Sections
Bibliography, Glossary of Terms, Auction Companies
Museum and Research Resources